Inside Sources: AFGE Emergency Meeting Today

Inside sources reported to The Informed Fed that AFGE President J. David Cox has called an “emergency conference call” for ALL AFGE local union presidents regarding furloughs and sequestration impact on federal employees.  Let’s just hope AFGE breaks out of it’s traditional ineffective methods of dealing with this type of crisis.

National days of protest and letters to Congressman are not working for AFGE or any of the other unions for that matter.  This is #WIunion (the epic Wisconsin Labor Battle) on a national level, that was predicted to happen to federal employees about two years earlier. AFGE had ample warning and seemingly did little to advise or prepare members or require local unions to establish supporting infrastructure to communicate with or organize members.  Read the Battle Plan recommended by The Informed Fed and currently being developed in consultation with a few aggressive unions seeking our advice.

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