Breaking: Border Patrol Announces Pay Increases for Managers During Furlough

In what clearly would rank as the worst timing in the world, the Chief of the United States Border Patrol, Michael Fisher, announced on February 25, 2013, via the memorandum below, that he was effecting pay increases for certain management positions and upgrading management positions.  This is just six days after his agency notified the labor union representing Border Patrol Agents that Border Patrol Agents would face furlough’s and additional massive pay cuts exceeding a combined 40% reduction in pay as the agency deals with sequestration issues.  Even if sequestration is resolved, it is expected Agents would still lose AUO and FLSA pay, accounting for a pay loss of approximately 25%, under best conditions. The Border Patrol, a component of the Department of Homeland Security, appears to be bearing the brunt of budget cuts on behalf of the entire agency.

Simply put, a stunning and poorly timed development that will probably not be taken well by rank and file. Imagine White Star Cruise line announcing to passengers of the Titanic that the Captain and First Officers were getting pay increases, as the ship was breaking apart.  You get the idea?

Border Patrol Management Pay Increases during furlough