Breaking: The Informed Fed at over 8k Hits

During the preceding 48 hour period, The Informed Fed has received over 8,000 unique hits to it’s website in a continuing upward trajectory that shows no sign of diminishing.  This sudden rush was in response to the breaking news posted concerning Border Patrol plans to upgrade certain management positions during the furlough.

The Informed Fed has clearly established itself with dominance in the field of federal personnel matters.  We invite readers to submit breaking news concerning federal personnel matters, including agency and union, to:

Information should not be transmitted using government equipment or during government time. Classified or confidential material should never be sent and if you are considering it, you are too stupid to be working for the Federal Government. Not all stories will be published as we reserve the right to not publish anything or everything. Confidentiality will be maintained to the greatest extent permitted by the law.  Do not report illegal activity to us.  That information must be reported to you agency Office of Inspector General (OIG).