FAQ: Role of ELR Specialists


“What is the role of the agency ELR Specialist?  What is their education level? What is their grade level”


The primary role of an agency ELR Specialist is to provide expert consultative and transactional services to agency supervisors, managers, and executives concerning federal sector employee and labor relations.  Sometimes, these specialists are even further sub-categorized as to specialties.  For example, they may be an LMR Specialist (Labor Management Relations) or ER Specialist (Employee Relations).  The LMR Specialist would specialize/ deal with labor issues dealing with the union whereas the ER Specialist would specialize/ deal with employee relations issues such as discipline and adverse actions (not all inclusive).

It is our general experience that senior level ELR/LMR/ER Specialists typically have a Masters Degree directly related to their field of practice- though not a requirement of the position.  SME’s (Subject Matter Expert) who advise senior managers will in most cases at least have a Masters Degree.  While not a requirement to apply for the position, it is our collective experience that without a Masters Degree, a person would have a hard time getting selected for any position at GS-11 level or higher.

Grade levels can vary slightly by agency.  However, ELR/LMR/ER specialists are typically GS-12 at the full performance level.  Supervisors of these work groups are at the GS-13.  Positions at the GS-14 level and higher are typically based at a regional or national level with many positions virtually situated.

Note: It is never the job of an ELR Specialist to lie or withhold information. 

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