Strange Days and Strange Leaders

A truly bizarre image was recently sent to us by Union representatives of the National Border Patrol Council.  It is a picture, seen below, of what can only be described as Orwellian propaganda.  It is reportedly part of an information loop in a headquarters approved message.  This message plays through every office of the Border Patrol including its headquarters.

Border Patrol Demands Obedience

Now, anyone who is personally familiar with the United States Border Patrol will tell you it is a bizarre agency by any measure.  However, it has apparently moved beyond bizarre as the image clearly shows.  The propaganda, and that is really the best word to describe it, has an Orwellian, if not Nazi tone to it.  You have to wonder how anyone in leadership could approve such a message.  You also have to wonder what the author was thinking.

Wonder no more.  The Border Patrol is like a closed eco-system.  Perhaps the term inbred best describes its headquarters personnel.  The Border Patrol moves field agents, with little to no other experience, into HQ positions in which they operate in that closed eco-system.  No different than if a family went off into the woods together and just kept breeding within the family for generations and never introduced outside genetics.  Eventually, you have a bunch of ugly, deformed, and unintelligent family members with missing teeth and excessive drool; but they all look good to each other.  No different here.