American Winter: Must See for All Federal Employees

Federal Employees Like to think They are Different; They are Not

I recently heard of the independent movie American Winter.  I did some research and found this movie to be compelling for the Middle Class, of which most federal employees belong.  As with the real people highlighted in the movie, Federal Employees can find themselves suddenly pushed out of the Middle Class or slowly squeezed out.  Though Federal Employees often like to think what happened to the people in the movie cannot happen to them, they are now finding out different.  Frozen pay, furloughs, reduced benefits, possible downsizing, and constant demonizing by Republicans are all proof federal employees are no different than employees who work at Wal-Mart despite all the advanced education and professional occupations.  That oath of office Federal Employees took is very one-sided.  In our collective opinion, it was made worthless by Republicans.  But do your own research to form your own conclusion.

View the trailer to the movie and I think you will agree. It’s quite moving and all too real a possibility these days.  Ask any federal employee facing 40% in total pay cuts. For another great resource along these lines, check out the book: Nickel and Dimed.