FAQ: E-Mail Monitoring at Work


” How would an employee find out if Supervisor is monitoring their email accounts?”


This is a very good question.  The agency, nor its managers, are able to arbitrarily view agency e-mail accounts.  In fact, it’s not even easy.  Most agencies have redundant safeguards to prevent unauthorized surveillance of employee e-mail accounts.  Typically, approval must be obtained from a division head and then IT approval, and finally, HQ approval.  This is not to say you have any right to privacy at work, because you really do not.

It would not be easy to determine if an agency or supervisor is monitoring your e-mail account.  You could file a FOIA with your agency.  You would most likely be better off simply asking via official channels, working your way up the chain of command.  If your e-mail account is being monitored, it is most likely being “swept” by surveillance programs that focus on keywords or unusual activity based on what we have seen in evidence files used in disciplinary or adverse action proceedings.

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