Recent EEO Settlements

Our consultants recently reported the following EEO related federal agency/complainant settlements of which they have first hand direct knowledge.  Due to confidentiality, we are only able to provide amounts and general basis for settlement.  The settlements are from a wide range of agencies and with various consultants.

As we often state, going to hearing should never be an EEO complainant’s motivation.  Settlement should be the primary driver.  The best place to reach settlement is at mediation or through a pre-hearing effort.

Amount          Basis

$11,000           Hostile Work Environment

$16,500            Reprisal

$67,000            Non-Selection

$5,000              Assignment

$2,500              Promotion

$13,000            Obscene language use by management official

$8,000              Disparate Treament

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1 comment for “Recent EEO Settlements

  1. md2tn
    April 15, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Nobody should ever file an EEO complaint to line their wallet. When going into the process, you have to be willing to give and take. As this newsletter/blog tweeted, “At this point federal employees have no one on their side…”. At the field locations, employees may or may not have a choice, but to file an EEO Complaint. People are jumping ship at a high rate from Unions. Some Unions appear to be only interested in dollars and membership; they don’t want to educate their stewards. Personally, I have had a Union President tell me (paraphrasing, ‘don’t rock the boat!’ ‘keep your mouth shut, talk to nobody’) I do not understand that philosophy. I am in a field location, probably 80 – 100 miles away from the main campus. When you know of someone in EEO or HR, you call them, email them with questions. Example; “hey the Union is doing (fill in the blank); I always thought that was against the contract?” You know as a human being, you are irritating them, because it’s not their job. What else does one do, except keep filing? You end up looking like a trouble maker who is trying to milk the system.

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