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“My local union is providing no information concerning our pay and benefits and proposed changes.  Where can I go for reliable information?”


Our consultant’s, who are all practicing in the field at various agencies, report they noticed the same issue.  Most local unions are completely disconnected from what is happening to their members pay and benefits.  In fact, it is quite remarkable the extent to which they are disconnected from the most important aspect of labor representation: pay and benefits. The end result is that many federal employees are unaware of just how bad the situation really is.  For example, did you know that HR 1780 (introduced by Republican David Camp) proposes to eliminate FEHB for all federal employees? Did you know this legislation is still viable?

So, how do you find reliable information?  We put together the following bulleted list to help you.  We encourage you to do the research and if you are on furlough, you should have plenty of time.  But, don’t stop there.  Get involved with your local union and demand they develop an action plan at the local level to protect your pay and benefits.  Demand they put pressure on the national unions to do the same at their level.  Simply researching the information will do nothing for you or your family.  You have to take action.  And as long as your local union is more concerned with where you can smoke around the facility and their own official time, you don’t stand a chance.  The frontal assault on federal employees requires a paradigm shift on the part of local and national unions.  To date, they failed to make this shift.

Reliable Sources of Information:

  • InformedFed.com : Provides reliable information and consulting services from top rated practicing agency ELR/LMR Consultants.
  • Twitter:  Twitter is simply the best source for real-time reliable news feeds concerning pay & benefits from many different news sources. Signing up is free.  You can also narrow down to just the news you want from the sources you want.
  • Cyberfeds : This is a subscription based service (can be expensive) to which your local union should have access.  Provides real-time updates on pay and benefits proposed and effected changes.
  • Thomas @ The Library of Congress:  Track Congressional legislation and see who is responsible for reducing your pay & benefits.
  • GovTrack : Track Congressional legislation.
  • GovExec : Good source of pay and benefits information as it happens.
  • Federal Times Pay & Benefits Section : Excellent source of reliable information on pay and benefits.
  • AFGE Furlough Tool kit : Basic information on filing a furlough appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board.
  • Federal Daily : Good general source of information concerning federal pay and benefits.
  • Federal News Radio Pay & Benefits Section : Good general section on pay issues.
  • FedWeek : Good general source on news related to federal employees including pay & benefits.
  • FedSmith : Arguably the first website most ELR folks check everyday.
  • Washington Post Fed Page:  The Washington Post does an excellent job of reporting federal employee pay issues.
  • NFFE Legislative Action Center:  NFFE legislative action center with information on pay & benefits.

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