BREAKING: Charges Against TJ Bonner Dropped

U.S. Government Drops all Charges Against former Border Patrol Union National President 

On Tuesday (2/11/14), federal prosecutors in San Diego dropped all charges against TJ Bonner, the former National Border Patrol Council union president.  Bonner had been fighting the federal charges since August 2012 and adamantly proclaimed his innocence stating he would go to trial.  In short, Bonner was accused of misappropriating union funds over the course of many years.  During the investigation, the government appeared to do everything possible to sully Bonner’s name and reputation, including exposing aspects of his personal life, of no relevance to the charges, specifically to embarrass him; typically, a clear indication prosecution was weak to begin with.  Inside sources also indicate CBP OIG investigators far exceeded their own authority during the investigation and possibly misrepresented information to the U.S. Attorney in their eagerness to nail Bonner. Ironically, the charges against Bonner stemmed from his own submission of travel vouchers; a basis that caused many to disbelieve the charges brought by the government. Apparently, Bonner had nothing to hide and disclosed everything in the voucher process and was prepared to present all the evidence at an arbitration hearing with the Agency.

Those that worked with Bonner over the years may have found his personality somewhat eccentric and reserved, but normally very effective in representing U.S. Border Patrol Agents.  First hand accounts indicate he was extremely hard working, aggressive and outspoken on immigration issues, and technically proficient as well as generally liked by most.  He also developed many political relationships with key elected officials over the years and appeared on many news programs as an expert on legal and illegal immigration and border security issues.


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