GS-14 Out of Control

Fast Career Advancement, Conduct, and Rehiring Raise a Lot of Questions

As covered in this article by News 4 in Washington (also see video below) and in this GovExec article, a high level Veterans Affairs employee with the VA Medical Center in Jackson Mississippi apparently violated every rule related to use of a government vehicle (as well as common decency).  His misuse of the vehicle left another employee dead in gruesome accident. From all appearances, the Agency moved to remove (fire) the GS-14 from employment, but he resigned prior and was rehired by the Veterans Administration in Augusta, GA.

But Wait, Tell me More!

A careful review of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General report (provided below the video) tells us there is more to this story worth examining. Specifically, beginning on page 3 of the OIG report, under Background, you will discover this particular GS-14 entered on duty with the Department of Veterans Affairs at VAMC Jackson Mississippi on June 4, 2000.  Just seven years later, he was promoted to GS-14!  Even more astounding, according to the report,he was always assigned to the Office of the Director, meaning his entire career (7 years) and all his promotions (GS-7 through GS-14) as well as his hiring were controlled by one office.  To say this situation is unusual would be an understatement.  We believe the entire situation should be investigated from a Human Resources accountability perspective. For example, the investigation should begin with the basic question of whether his hiring and subsequent promotions were even legal and whether nepotism was involved.  I would not want to be the Human Resources Chief at Jackson right now. I suspect there will soon be multiple vacancies at that facility.


Veterans Administration OIG Report

(Obtained by Reporter Scott McFarlane, NBPC 4, Washington DC)



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