FAQ: What Are Crime Provisions?

Office of Personnel Management regulations (5 CFR 752.402(e)) permit agencies to place employees on indefinite suspension pending completion of investigation or criminal proceedings when the agency has cause to believe the employee committed a crime for which the employee could be imprisoned.

A Battle Plan for Unions

Many union leaders I spoke with believe the furlough will not happen. While that may be true (hopefully), this situation provides local and national union leaders an opportunity to demonstrate leadership to their members during a crisis and reassert a long diminishing role.

FAQ: Can I Appeal the Loss of AUO?

Question “The Agency announced it is taking away my AUO.  They are cutting my pay.  Can I appeal their decision?” Answer It is important to note that loss of AUO, for any reason, is not an appealable action. A reduction…

Life After Furlough

While many federal employees are focused on the pending furlough as of today, they need to also keep their eyes on life after furlough- and it is possibly even uglier than the furlough.

FAQ: Union Membership and Representation

Question “I am a federal employee.  Do I have to pay dues to be represented by the union?” Answer No.  If you are a member of the bargaining unit, the Union must represent dues paying members and non-dues paying members…

FAQ: Full Time Under FLSA

Question “Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, how many hours are considered full time?” Answer A part time employee any person employed by an agency who does not meet the Basic workweek, for full-time employees, which is a 40-hour workweek established in accordance with 5 CFR § 610.111. (see,…