Hire a Consultant

This form (preferred) is used to request an initial no obligation consultation or hire a consultant (both employees and labor organizations).  It is the quickest and most reliable method to initiate contact with us.  

You may view the common fee schedule by clicking here.  The common fee schedule is a schedule of fees agreed upon by consultants to which we may refer you.  All initial fees are payable in advance through PayPal to your consultant unless other arrangements are made with the consultant (such as payment made by check). All major credit cards accepted through PayPal.  Fees may be discounted, reimbursed, or directly paid by labor organizations through agreements with such organizations. Fees paid to consultants are not tax deductibe. Consultants offer a free initial consultation in all cases to both employees and labor organizations. The initial no obligation consultation will help us, and you, determine whether our services will be useful and provide value.

Hourly fee: $150 hr ; 4 hr. minimum (billed in .6 hr increments) except for services designated as flat rate

Note: Within approximately 24 hours of completing this form, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone concerning availability of a consultant.  You will also receive information regarding the assigned consultant to include work, academic, and specialties information.  You may then schedule a free initial telephonic consultation to see if you would like to utilize the service.  In some cases, the consultant may decline to accept your case if 1) he or she determines a potential conflict of interest or 2) the consultant does not believe you will benefit from his or her services.  If you decide to hire the consultant, the consultant will invoice you via PayPal for the appropriate fee unless other arrangements are made. Consultants are not employees of Informed Fed and operate independently.  Upon receipt of payment, consultation services will be made available until the expiration of the retainer or services are complete (such as preparing documentation for you).

At this time we are not directly accepting clients from the Veterans Administration (VA) or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you are a bargaining unit member, you should contact your local union.  Non-bargaining unit members should seek other appropriate counsel.

Consultants offered through this website are not attorneys and are not employees of Informed Fed. They are labor and employee relations practitioners. They provide services to clients in their individual capacities through individual agreements with their clients. Though attorneys are not required for representation in administrative matters or proceedings, there are instances in which our consultants may refer you to attorneys or otherwise make such recommendation. In no instance does this site, or consultants associated with this site, infer the provision of legal services.